Treat Yourself with a New Kitchen Toy

You know who deserves a gift this year? You do! With all the hosting and attending parties, baking and cooking, shopping and wrapping you’ve got ahead of you, why not treat yourself to that long-coveted kitchen gadget you’ve had your eye on to save you some time and sanity this year and beyond.

Don’t worry that your new toy will be relegated to the oft-forgotten top shelf after the holidays. I’ve come up with some ideas based on different cooking profiles so you can find a tool that fits your style and needs in the kitchen. Plus, these incredible multi-purpose wonders are things you’ll use over and over … so much so that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! Trust me, the investment will be well worth it!

Better Baking: Are you in charge of making all the family’s holiday cookies, pies, cakes, and quick breads? Your must have in the kitchen is a stand mixer. A lifesaver for mixing all sorts of doughs and batters, it’ll save you tons of time and energy in the kitchen, and make your baking style way more efficient. Beyond just a sweet shop workhorse, a stand mixer is also great for meatloaf, beating egg whites, making pasta or ice cream, puréeing tomatoes, or even making your own sausage. Plus, these days they come in a wide variety of colors to brighten up any kitchen counter, inspiring you to use yours all year long.

Quicker Cutting: Stop spending so much time at the cutting board and treat yourself to a food processor. They’re great for people who cook a lot, or for crowds, to help speed prep and make fast work of purées, salsas, hummus and more. Quickly turn a huge hunk of cheese or big batch of carrots into gorgeous fine shreds, and make your own nut butters at home in a snap. Some processors even come with a dough blade so you can try your hand at bread baking or pizza making. Really, they make food prep so easy, you’ll find yourself wanting to cook even more!

Healthier Eating: If you’re drawn to making elegantly silky soups, veggie based sauces, protein smoothies, or fresh juices, definitely consider investing in a VitamixTrust me, it’ll put your old blender to shame. They’re super easy to clean up, and work like crazy to turn out thick, creamy soups, smoothies, juices, and veggie purees. They’re versatile enough to chop and grind ingredients and are so great, you’ll find a use for it every day of the week.

Sleeker Solutions: If you’re in the market for an easy to store, multi-purpose, time-saving hero, a Ninja blender is what you need. Part blender and part food processor, it’s strong, portable and offers a mix of functions in an apartment-perfect size. They’re great for everything: chopping, grinding, puréeing, and more. Crush ice, knead dough, and prep for holiday meals in a flash, all in a compact, kitchen-game-changer package.

Go ahead. Treat yourself this holiday season. You know you deserve it, and a great kitchen gadget is one gift that truly does keep on giving.

What’s your pick for an appliance splurge?

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