Non-Drinkers Like Tiny Umbrellas, Too!

When summer’s here, it’s time for sand, sun, backyard pool parties and a frosty frozen cocktail. But what about those people who don’t drink alcohol? Don’t they deserve festive drinks too? Whether your guest list has a mommy-to-be or people who don’t partake, I’ve got a great way for you to make them be a part of the tiny umbrella fun.

My super tasty Frozen Mock-Mojitos with Watermelon are a refreshing (and sneakily healthy!) way to serve up fun for the whole crowd. The combination of watermelon, lime and mint are the perfect flavors for a delicious frozen drink on a hot summer day.

Of course, if you want to add a boozy punch, these adjust from mock to not in an instant. So you can make a separate rum-filled batch for the drinkers in the group.

What’s really great about my frozen watermelon mojitos is that their sweetness comes from the fruit, not those sugary mixes usually used for frozen drinks. Plus, watermelon is really good for you.

Beyond being a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth, watermelon contains antioxidants, and has a 92% water content which helps keep you hydrated. Watermelon is only 90 calories per 2 cup serving and gives you about 35% of your daily vitamin A, and 45% of vitamin C. On top of that, watermelon boasts high levels of lycopene which is great for cardiovascular health.

How about that for a sweet treat?

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