After making it through a season of indulgences, by January, everyone’s ready to make changes in the new year — whether it’s to eat healthier, lose weight, or exercise more.

Once things settle a little post-holidays and everyone’s had to get their feet wet in their new resolution-inspired regimen, get friends together to share stories about making your resolutions together.

You could bring in an expert to give your crew a healthy cooking lesson, do diet makeovers, or demonstrate easy at-home workouts. It’ll be a total blast and everyone will leave with extra motivation towards achieving their goals for a healthier new year.

Pre-Party Planning:

Send out an informal “resolution poll” with your invites, and then use the responses to choose an expert to help.

  • If the majority of people are trying to get in shape and exercising more, hire a personal trainer or yoga instructor to teach everyone a challenging, gear-free workout. Request that they bring a handout so guests can easily remember the workout on their own at home.
  • Most of your friends looking to drop holiday pounds? Invite a nutritionist over to talk about portion sizes, healthy swaps for fatty or sugary treats, and other tricks to stay full while counting calories. Ask your expert if they want guests to fill out a nutritional profile in advance.
  • Cooking better and eating healthier the top goal? Reach out to a local chef or cooking instructor for a private lesson. See if they can teach you a couple of easy recipes to learn how to lighten things up in the kitchen.

Working with the Expert: Find someone you trust to design a program that makes sense for your friends based on their fitness levels or cooking needs. Most professionals will work with you to customize their standard packages to your unique purpose.

When: Choose a weekend afternoon in early January when everyone’s motivation is highest and their schedules are open.

Guest Request: Ask the group to help offset the cost of the private lesson (let them know the amount in advance), and come ready to jump-start healthy new habits.

Setup & Snacks

Space: If your expert is going to lead a movement class like yoga or a group training session, they should let you know what to tell guests to wear, and how to best set up your space (which will likely involve moving some furniture around). Cooking instructors may want to stop by your place to make sure you have enough gear and open counters for your crew, and if you don’t, you might need to send out a list of gear that everyone should bring with them, like a chef’s knife or microplane grater.

Tip: No room to host your expert’s class? No problem! Host your party at the local gym or cooking school as a private event.

Snacks & Sips: When it comes to designing a menu, go for simple resolution-friendly healthy bites such as a Pineapple Fruit Platter or a pretty crudité and dip display. Keep everyone hydrated with plenty of chilled pitchers of water, and if you wanna take it up a notch, infuse the water with cucumber or fresh fruit.

Let the Fun Begin!

Once you get everything set up, this party pretty much runs itself. If you wanna add a few more thoughtful and cute touches you could:

  • Pick up some colorful aprons for everyone to wear and take home as a party favor.
  • Toss some damp rolled up hand towels in the fridge for a refreshing post-workout pick me up.
  • Gift everyone a copy of a healthy cooking magazine or cookbook for ongoing inspiration in the kitchen.
  • Hand out cute notebooks or journals for guests to jot down tips in and to use to track their personal resolution goals.

And before they all head home, maybe you could start a text chain or private Facebook group where everyone could check in and applaud each other’s progress to keep the fun and inspiration going!

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