No matter whether you’re looking to lose weight, eat more veggies, or simply lighten up your diet, the right gear just makes healthy cooking a snap.

Here are some items that will change your game in the kitchen:

Immersion Blender

An immersion blender is ideal for puréeing veggie-based soups and sauces right in the pot. Immersion blenders produce a silky, rich, bisque-like texture that will trick your taste buds.

Microplane Grater

I use my microplane almost as much as i use my chef’s knife. Get one to easily add fresh, healthy, flavorful ingredients such as garlic, ginger, and citrus zest to all your cooking; or, to dust dishes with a decadent garnish of chocolate or hard cheese.

Nonstick Cookware

Reduce fat in your cooking and ease cleanup to boot! Nonstick cookware is also a must-have for preparing healthy egg breakfasts, too.

Veggie Storage Bags

Few things are more frustrating than ambitiously stocking up on veggies only to have them spoil too soon. Stick them in food storage bags, and they’ll last longer.

Steamer Basket

Steamer baskets are great for cooking dumplings, fish, or veggies, is a healthy way that locks in goodness. Just hover one over boiling water and dinner’s ready in a snap. Tip: Don’t forget to add aromatics such as herbs, garlic, and ginger to the water for great flavor.

Flexible Spatula

For no-fail flipping, use a flexible spatula to turn delicate foods such as eggs, veggies, and fish without tearing or sticking—especially when using less fat to grease the pan.


Everyone jumped on the juice bandwagon because it’s a great way to get extra vitamins and nutrients in your diet! Try a variety of combinations of fresh fruits and vegetables for a fun, healthy experiment.

Food Scale

When following healthy recipes and measuring proteins, precision counts. A quality food scale ensures you get it right.

Grill Pan

Everyone knows grilling is one of the healthiest and tastiest cooking techniques. With a grill pan, you won’t have to let the winter chill keep you off your grill! This workhorse gives a great, savory sear to meats and veggies in the comfort of your kitchen.

Salad Spinner

Rinse and dry greens quickly and easily with just a whirl. Spinners are handy for salads and to prep leafy greens for sautés, soups, or for a sneakily healthy snack of kale chips.

Oil Mister

Stop going overboard with oil when pouring right from the bottle. GEt a perfect, light mist on your salads or veggies without fear of spilling too much. TIP: Give dishes an easy boost with interesting oils such as sesame, walnut, or herb-infused versions.



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