Host a Summer Soirée Without Breaking a Sweat

Getting all hot and sticky during the warmest days of the year can definitely spoil your party spirit—not to mention toil it takes on the food and drinks for your guests. But, with these tips, you won’t have to sweat your buns off to pull together an amazing party! 

Design a Chilled-Out Menu

Focus on serving chilled soups and light, refreshing salads. Instead of camping out over the flames all afternoon, plan for dishes that only require a few minutes on the grill, like my Cauliflower Burgers w Raita Spread and Grilled Peaches w Brandy Glaze & Mascarpone for dessert.

Tip: If you’re in the mood to bake up the fresh fruit bounty in a pie, be sure to fire up your oven at night when the kitchen is coolest. The last thing you want is a blazing oven as your guests start rolling in!

Rely on Your Slow Cooker

Your slow cooker is good for way more than just hearty winter soups and stews. Think of it as a way cooler option (temperature-wise) to using your oven or stovetop, especially during the summer. Try it using it to whip up your infamous baked beans without overheating your guests. 

Overstock on Ice

Seriously, double the amount of ice you think you’ll need—because you can never really have enough. You can use the cooler and ice buckets you have lying around, or upgrade your style with a metal party tub to make wine and beer storage look chic.

Tip: Learn from the pros at your favorite raw bar and line your buffet table with shallow baking pans of ice to keep perishable items such as dips, salads, and seafood cool.

Once you mix up a batch of something to sip on like this Mango Nectar Prosecco Punch, you’ll be ready to rock!

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