Nothing beats a quiche for being a super simple, way tasty way to add a protein and nutrient punch to your diet. Luckily, we’ve all learned that eggs aren’t the “cholesterol bombs” they were once thought to be. In fact, they offer a slew of health benefits and in the form of a quiche, they’re perfect to enjoy any time of day!

Eggs are only 70 calories a piece and they pack a full 6 grams of high quality protein in each one. Although there’s a trend to stick to just the whites, the yolks are actually where almost half the protein and a large part of nutrients are stored. When you eat protein after exercise, it helps build and maintain muscle strength. At other times, it works to prevent muscle loss. How great is that?

Quiche Your Way to Healthier Eating


One of my favorite recipes (that’s always a hit with the family!) is my Mini Quiches with Cheddar & Chive. They’re inexpensive and super easy to make. All you do is whisk together a handful of ingredients, pour into muffin pan and bake. Plus, they’re delicious warm or room temp.

Feel free to play around with different ingredients when you’re making your quiches (I added some options at the bottom of the Cheddar & Chive recipe). You can also freeze a batch or two to have simple, tasty, healthy snacks at the ready. Another great option to try is my Mini Frittatas with Grilled Asparagus & Gruyere.

Have fun trying out these recipes and feel better knowing you’re doing your body good at the same time. Be sure to let me know what tasty flavor combos you come up with on your own!


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