Find a Use for Your Flutes

Don’t save your fancy flutes for super special occasions only. You can enjoy using them any time as a fun way to make any event a little more memorable.

Although people traditionally reserve the bubbly for New Year’s Eve or a wedding, there’s a lot to be said about kicking off a party with a taste of champagne or toasting the end of a lovely dinner with a flute of prosecco and a bit of sweet elderflower liqueur.

So, why not make a new habit of using those champagne flutes by introducing them at your next party, no matter what the occasion is? Here are some great ideas to get you started:

Champagne or Prosecco Cocktails

Get in touch with your inner mixologist and try your hand at a variety of bubbly-based drinks that not only look gorgeous served in a flute, but are also super delicious.

  • Champagne Cocktail – this classic concoction dates back to the mid-19th centuryand is as simple to make as it is enjoyable to drink. Drop one sugar cube in a champagne flute, add 5 drops of Angostura bitters then fill 3/4 of the way with champagne. Garnish with a lemon twist, orange slice or half a strawberry.
  • Barbotage – add some cognac or brandy and Grand Marnier to a champagne flute then fill with bubbly for a trendy and tasty tipple.
  • French 75 – Although several variations exist of this popular cocktail, my favorite recipe consists of a splash of simple syrup, splash of lemon juice and and ounce of gin. Top it off with bubbly and garnished with a lemon twist. Yum!
  • Kir Royale – créme de cassis adds a lovely red tint to prosecco or champagne for a classic, classy cocktail.
  • Poinsettia – a perfectly festive drink for the holidays, just add 1 part triple sec to 4 parts bubbly and add a splash of cranberry juice for color. Garnish with a single cranberry.

Build a Bubbly Bar

A great idea for brunch, you can build your own bubbly bar where guests can create their own versions of mimosas, bellinisor other champagne-based cocktails. Simply set up a table with a variety of juices and fruit nectars in pretty carafes, and a small tub of ice filled with prosecco and club soda for non-imbibers. Add a display of your fabulous flutes and you’re all set!

Note: As a host, you want to be sure non-drinkers feel included in the festivities. Along with the boozier drinks, offer options that use cider, seltzer, or ginger ale as the bubbly part. Have fun trying different fruit nectars, juices and flavored syrups to create your own signature mock-tails.

Serve Dessert in Style

Think beyond the bubbly and use your champagne flutes as a striking and elegant way to present your desserts. Think rich homemade ice cream, gelato, or a decadent mousse parfait. Top with berries, chocolate shavings or fresh whipped cream, and serve with long handled spoons so everyone can get to all the delicious goodness.

What other uses can you think of for your flutes? Share your ideas below!

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