Celebrate your 1st Anniversary with a Just for Us dinner

Spend your special 1st anniversary together at home with this romantic plan for a perfect celebration, just for two. Your 1st year as an official couple is a major milestone, so you want to honor it, and your honey, with a memorable evening to mark the occasion.

Set the Scene

Skip the reservations for your special night with sweetie. It’s a lot more intimate to make dinner together or you could even surprise your mate with a home cooked meal. But, don’t let this be just another night at home. Be sure to up the romance by making a few simple adjustments to your pad. Dim the lights, pull out the candles (all the candles … you can never have too many candles) and put on a smooth, sexy playlist.

And of course, a gorgeous bouquet is always a nice touch. Wanna really blow her away? Find the same flowers you used for your wedding.

Dress to Impress

Keep things special by making a little extra effort with your outfit; you can get back to the footie pajamas tomorrow night. Wear something special and be sure that what’s underneath is as cute as what’s on top, you know, for later.

Toast the Occasion

Now’s the time to pull out those fancy glasses you got for the wedding and put them to good use. Fill your flutes with my Grapefruit Gin Fizzes with Rosemary Simple Syrup or your crystal rocks glasses with my Peachy Keen Whiskey Sours for a fun retro twist. If you’re not into the boozier stuff, a champagne or sparkling juice toast is always a winner.

This is also a great time to go through your wedding album or re-watch the video. Have fun giggling at Crazy Aunt Martha’s funky chicken together, and reminisce about how emotional you both got during the ceremony.

The Dinner Menu

When it comes to planning what to cook, don’t worry about getting too extravagant. Just choose something that fits you and your love, and your relationship as a couple. Maybe burgers and dogs on the grill are a perfect reminder of the camping trip when you got engaged. Or perhaps a charcuterie and cheese spread with wine is the ideal way to invoke your honeymoon in Paris.

Even your favorite takeout is an option, if that’s something you’ll really enjoy. Just make sure to elevate it by serving it on the good china.

Giving Gifts?

If you and your honey are getting each other gifts, after dinner is a great time to exchange them. And remember, it really is the thought that counts, so don’t feel like you need to break the bank. Paper is the traditional gift for a first anniversary, so a heartfelt, hand-written love letter would be a perfect choice.

The modern take on the 1st anniversary gift is a clock. So, maybe you could buy matching watches or a cool alarm clock with dual wake times. Your first anniversary is also your chance to create your own yearly tradition. Maybe you two could start a journal where you each log memories about one another, and then go through them together once a year.

Another idea would be to center your tradition around your anniversary gifts. Instead of buying presents for each other, perhaps you buy one jointly like a piece of art for your home. Other ideas could be a yearly weekend getaway or surprise plans to try out hang gliding or see a concert together later in the year.

A Sweet Ending to Start a New Year 

If you’re like a lot of couples, your first year anniversary dessert is already set: a frozen chunk of cake at the back of your freezer. It’s a sweet tradition that’s often more sentimental than satisfying. So, to make sure dessert is as special as the rest of your evening, check out my Dark Chocolate Soufflés with Salted Caramel Sauce as a backup plan.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, just make sure your honey knows how special they are to you and your night will be a success.

Have you already created some unique anniversary traditions of your own? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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