I Love Imported Cheese
Julie regularly partners with Public Relations firms to create campaign content for their clients target customers.  Here she developed a series of custom recipes, videos, and blog posts using imported cheeses geared for the aspiring millennial host and contributed to a social media campaign as well
Weight Watchers
For over 8 years Julie has worked extensively with Weight Watchers to develop and test recipes for their licensed products, website, ad campaigns, cookbooks and magazine. She has also been featured in their nationwide Facebook Live events & Instagram stories. Check out some of her ongoing magazine columns & cover pieces, including recipes for easy snacks, Zero Smart Point dishes, healthy cooking tips and tricks here.
Julie’s enthusiasm and excellent on-camera presence are in high demand from nationwide brands. She represented Weight Watchers live on QVC to showcase her recipes using their gluten-free, low-carb product Skinny Pasta®. Her segment broke sales records & sold out within minutes! Watch
Good Morning CT
Julie has performed live on set for various programs including morning news segments showing recipes and cooking techniques to viewers. Julie's enthusiasm and love for cooking shine in these moments.
Store Brands
Julie is an expert at creating recipes to highlight a brand or product line on camera. The marketing association Store Brands USA asked Julie to film a series of cooking videos using her recipes to highlight the quality and value of branded products from Whole Foods, Krogers, ACME, Aldi, Stop and Shop, Hyvee, Trader Joes. Watch here.
Fit Pregnancy
Julie has been a blogger and recipe developer for major newsstand publications like Shape Magazine’s Fit Pregnancy where she created a series of posts with recipes, healthy cooking tips, and photos. Read her posts here.
Real Simple
As an engineer-turned-chef Julie’s technical skills are highly valued by brands. For Real Simple Magazine she develops a series of Cooking Gear Buying Guides. See a samples here The Best Rice Cooker Buying Guide The Best Juicer Buying Guide 2017
Weight Watchers Cruise
Julie helped Weight Watchers launch their their customer focused cruises. She developed most of the recipes that helped make a wonderful vacation a healthy one.
Bed Bath & Beyond
Julie has been a regular contributor to Bed Bath & Beyond’s official blog, “Above & Beyond” since 2012 as a culinary expert who shares recipes and writes articles on lifestyle, cooking and entertaining. She was also featured in a series of videos about entertaining and cooking demo videos, from “Turkey Carving 101” to “Why Wine Glass Shapes Matter”. Check out my blog posts here. View my videos here.
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