13 Themes for Spooky Halloween Soirées

There’s no better time than Halloween to throw a banging bash. Costumes, and candy, and cocktails, oh my! How could you not feel festive? Host a frightfully fun fiesta they won’t soon forget with my 13 horrifyingly haunted ideas for a spoooooky soirée!

Elements of decor Halloween stylized

Here are my 13 ideas to throw the most frightfully fun Halloween party around:

Heaven & Hell – Party in the afterlife with themed rooms. Create an angelic ambiance by draping furniture with white sheets and using white tulle and batting for a cloud effect on tables. Add white, silver, and sparkly balloons to corners of the room to continue the cloud look. For your hellish room, use red lights, black balloons, pitchforks, and red and yellow cellophane “flames” on the walls. Obvious dessert go-to’s? Angel food and devil’s food cakes!

Dynamic Duo – Dressing as a couple gives you twice the extra opportunity to get silly with your look, and you don’t have to be romantically involved to make it work! Think celeb couples, TV, book, or movie characters, or salt and pepper shakers – dress up time is always more fun with a pal.

True Blood or Twilight – Vampire culture is huge these days, but on Halloween those blood suckers really go all out! Invite guests to dress as their favorite supernatural creature of the night and decorate your place with crosses, bats, cobwebs, faux tombstones, and black lights. Have extra vampire teeth, blood, and capes on hand for un-prepared partiers, and be sure to mix up a big batch of blood red punch for this one!

Heroes & Villains – A great theme for any age group, this one is particularly good for group family costumes, too. (Think, “The Incredibles,” or the “Fantastic Four.”) Have everyone dress as their favorite good guy or tap into their internal Mr. Hyde side. Use your favorite superhero-themed supplies from the party goods store and hang cartoon bubble “Pow” and “Kazaam” signs around for a cool comic book touch.

Zombie Night – Create a zombie-friendly zone with torn mesh, flashing black lights, a fog machine, and classic zombie movies looping on TV. Guest can portray their fave Walking Dead character or just zombie-fy themselves freestyle.

Dead & Famous – Invite guests to dress as their favorite dead celebrity and have a contest for best costume, cleverest call back or funniest look-a-like. Loop old movies on TV and decorate using old photos of famous dead celebs. For a fun game, play a round of celebrity “dead or alive” (find lists online).

Day of the Dead – Dia de los Muertos is a traditional Mexican celebration honoring the dead and inviting their spirits back for a visit over a 3-day-long fiesta, which makes for a perfect Halloween party theme. Fill your home with marigolds, sugar skulls, skeletons, tissue paper decorations, and altars with prayer candles and invite guests  dress in gothic black or colorful Mexican inspired attire. Serve Mexican fare and play Spanish music to evoke an authentic vibe and hire a face-painter to give everyone a beautiful sugar skull mask of their own.

The Hair Raising 80s  – The 80s was one of the best decades for stand out fashion statements, which makes it a totally tubular theme for your Halloween party. Neon is the way to go for décor, and Pop Rocks and Diet Coke are a fun, “if you dare” combo on the buffet table. Invite guest to dress as their fave TV or movie characters from the era. Think Smurfs, Care Bears, Garbage Pail Kids, Brat Pack-ers, Goonies or Bad News Bears. Show 80s movies or sitcoms on TV and blast those 80’s pop hits!

House of Horrors – Transform your home into a full-on haunted house from the outside in. Hang creepy signage in the yard and scatter roughly hewn arrows around to point the way in through a spooky side or basement entrance. Plan a dimly lit pathway through connecting rooms for guests to walk through and go to town with dark sheets, dry ice, cobwebs, mirrors, mock gore, and ghouls who jump out … or just entertain.

Flapper Fright Fest – Get your Gatsby on with a roaring 20’s theme. Pump up the jazz, pop the champagne, pass out mock cigarettes in holders, and pour retro cocktails like my Grapefruit Gin Fizzes with Rosemary Simple Syrup. Show 20’s-themed movies on TV and serve beer in brown bags to create a speakeasy vibe.

Paranormal Party – Tap into the other side with a creepy spirit-themed eve. Ask the local psychic, tarot card reader, or palm reader to set up a table, and create a séance mood with plenty of candles, draped sheets and gauze. Use vaguely creepy black and white photographs from generations long gone and blocks of ice to up the spook-factor.

Rocky Horror Picture Show – This one’s a no brainer. Invite guests to dress as main characters or their own trippy interpretations of Frankenfurter’s party guests. Cover furniture with sheets, toss some lingerie around for effect and be sure to decorate the buffet with props like water guns and folded newspapers for interactive fun. The Time Warp’s an obvious must for your play list, but beware. If you’re screening the film on TV, know there are some pretty risqué moments that are best kept for grown up eyes only.

Top Pumpkin Carver Competition – This theme is a great option if costumes just aren’t your thing or you’d rather host an afternoon / kid-friendly party earlier in the season. Get more details here: Host a Pumpkin Picking Party [Insert Link]

What was your best Halloween costume?

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