10 Serious Sips for Summertime

Keeping your cool during steamy summer days calls for some serious sipping! Our list of 10 hot weather drinks will help you stay hydrated and happy all season long. Stock up on your pretty straws!

1. Lemonade

Nothing screams summer like a cold iced lemonade. Take yours up a notch by adding muddled strawberries and mint, then serve in a pretty beverage dispenser.

2. Frozen Drinks

An afternoon sitting by a pool or at a beach with your toes in the sand definitely calls for a frozen concoction, but why wait for a special day? Get your froze-fix on at home anytime with my Mock-Mojitos with Watermelon, and transport yourself. Don’t forget the tiny umbrellas!

3. Iced Coffee

One of the first signs summer is on the way is when iced coffee options come back. A summer must-have for the caffeine-addicted, iced coffee gives you an all-day energy boost in a cool package. Make a pot of coffee at night then chill it in the fridge for a magical morning.

4. Sangria

There’s no question why Sangria is practically the national drink of steamy-weathered Spain. What’s not to love about the amazing flavors of wine in a refreshing punch package? Make up a batch to serve in pitchers for your next party, and feel like a guest at your own place. Tip: you can freeze water or juice in a plastic container to make a large, slow-melting cube for your pitcher.

5. Smoothies

Smoothies are a hearty treat that can give you a boost of nutrients and energy when it’s too hot to eat. Try them as a portable light meal or a snack on a busy summer day, and have fun with a variety of ingredients like yogurt, frozen fruit and flax seed. Make sure to use a quality blender for the silkiest results.

6. Iced Tea

This down south staple is the perfect beverage to beat the heat. Keep a pitcher ready to go, and don’t be afraid to play with different tea blends, such as green tea and mint or a more floral note like hibiscus.

7. Summer Cocktails

Margaritas, mojitos, and daiquiris are the perfect summertime go-to cocktails. Tart and refreshing, these sips pair well with savory barbecue dishes and light, passed appetizers.

8. Sparkling Drinks

If you crave bubbles in the heat, a soda maker can be your new best friend this summer! A wide variety of flavor additives are available for you to try, or mix your plain seltzer with juices to create your personal favorite.

9. Infused Waters

If you’re not into drinking plain water, it can be challenging to stay hydrated in the summer. Infuse your water to add a burst of flavor, and inspire yourself to keep yourself cool. Think ingredients like cucumber, ginger, mint, basil, lemon or lime slices, or add chunks of watermelon to a pitcher of water and chill overnight for a big flavor boost.

10. Beer

Ice cold beer is the quintessential summertime classic! Tuck some cans or bottles in an ice bucket at a barbecue, grab a stash of fun koozies to help guests keep track of their drink, and keep them cool in the heat.

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