Get Together for a Girls' Night In

Remember how great sleepovers were when you were a kid? Well, you can relive some of those glory moments by hosting a fun girlfriend hang at your house for a Girls' Night In party. Instead of heading out to a crowded disco or noisy restaurant, have the ladies over where you can all get loose, really catch up and have a fun, relaxed night at home.

Here are some ideas for themes you can use to get the girls psyched for the big night. Any one of them guarantees a good time! 

  • Pretend PJ Party: Fuzzy slippers are optional at this sleepover-themed party. Tell the gals to get cozy in their favorite jammies, set up pillows on the floor and pull out a classic rom-com or chick flick that everyone knows by heart. Think Heathers, Sixteen Candles, Thelma and Louise, The Breakfast Club. And of course, don't forget the popcorn and naughty Mad Libs!
  • Sparty Time: Who doesn't love a little pampering? You can create a spa party DIY style with facial masks, a collection of nail polish and sugar scrubs or take things up a notch and hire a local massage therapist to come in to offer mini back rubs to your guests. 
  • Game Night: Games are always a great way to have a blast at a party. So, break out the Taboo, Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary for a fun-filled night of gut-busting laughs and quality bonding time. If your crowd likes to get a little crass, check out Cards Against Humanity. It's outrageously irreverent ... and a ton of fun!
  • Cocktails & Canapes: Unleash your inner mixologists by setting up a bar where you and the gals can create fun cocktails then get to work on creating delicious, adorable canapes together. Provide recipe cards so people can take notes on their new creations!
  • Flea Market for Friends: Invite your pals to purge their closets and bring their gently used, fit-almost-anyone pieces to the party. Think jewelry, scarves, hats, bags, belts, gloves. Create a display area where people can choose the things they want to take with them. Anything that's left over can go to Goodwill. And now you're a partier and a do-gooder!
  • She's Crafty: Find a simple-to-learn creative project like candle making, beading or scrapbooking and send a supply list with the invitations or have everyone chip in. Do a trial run before your guests arrive so you can lead a fun class. Maybe you could even find a recipe for a facial mask or scrub and combine it with the Sparty Time theme above! 
  • Wine & Cheese Tasting with a Twist: Split your guest list and ask half to bring their favorite bottle of wine and the other half to bring a nice cheese. You provide the crackers and bread and build the spread so everyone can sample away. What's the twist? Try covering the labels for a blind tasting, or have every one cast their votes for their favorite.  

The whole idea of your Girls' Night In is to relax, enjoy the company of your besties, and to have a good time. It's a total stress-free zone, so kick back and when your girls ask what they can bring or do to help (because you know they will), let them pitch in. 

Depending on the theme you can order in takeout, do a potluck, or just start the party later so dinner's not a concern. As long as you've got the wine and cocktails and some simple snacks, you'll be all set!

Have you ever hosted your own themed Girls' Night In? Tell us all about it below!